Website Design

Web page design

Based on the website nature, web page content, webpage purpose and the target audience, the webpage will be designed.

The website will be designed for

  1. easy navigation and identification of segments
  2. easy reading and matching the brand with right color combination
  3. clarity,  by optimum use of images
  4. enhancement through music, voice and other sounds.
  5. effective delivery of information using Video
  6. collecting information from website visitors easily and faster with forms
  7. Search engine friendliness by effective combination of content and presentation

Designing Marketing Materials

Marketing materials in various formats can be designed for easy viewing and to be downloaded.

The website can use marketing materials in various formats.


You can allow website visitors to have a copy of your e-brochure so that they can go through your products and services at leisure. The various formats that are available for this purpose are given below.

  1. DOC
    e-brochure as Word document

  2. PDF
    e-brochure as PDF document

  3. Slideshow Presentations
    e-brochures as slideshows can be in Powerpoint/ Flash 

  4. Video
    e-brochures as a video can be the most communicative format. You can use sounds, music and voiceover effectively to project your business.



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