Spanray Software helps enterprising people to run their own online business
whether it is a new business or an existing business.

Main services provided by Spanray Software

Spanray Software mainly provides Online software and Online promotion services.

Here online software means all services necessary to have a dynamic working website. Online promotion includes various promotional methods implemented online. Spanray Software helps to have an online presence as well as make the website perform all routine work with the help of web automation which includes storing visitor information, taking orders, sending emails or SMS, generating reports.

Spanray Software provides online promotion services for the website to first promote the online presence, followed by delivering the marketing materials online and increasing the advertising reach using classifieds, Pay-per-click advertising in Google, Bing,Facebook.

From registering the domain name, hosting the website, automating the website to promotion of the business website, Spanray Software handles all development and support work, thereby allowing the business owner
to focus on Sales and Customer service.


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