Website setup

This creates the website by registering the domain name, taking hosting space, configuring email address with one page.

It is safe to register the domain name through Spanray Software , because
* separate account created for you
* domain registered with ICANN accredited registrar
* registrar is paid directly online
* email and phone support provided

It is safe to host your website through us, because

* separate account created for you
* Spanray Software handles hosting related issues with the hosting company
* we pay the hosting company directly
* we do not use agents

Website design

Based on the website nature, web page content, webpage purpose and the target audience, the webpage will be designed for

* easy navigation and identification of segments
* easy reading and matching the brand with right color combination
* clarity, by optimum use of images
* enhancement through music, voice and other sounds.
* effective delivery of information using Video
* collecting information from website visitors easily and faster with forms
* Search engine friendliness by effective combination of content and presentation

Marketing materials in various formats can be designed for easy viewing and to be downloaded.

The website can use marketing materials like e-brochure in various formats such as Doc, Pdf, Slideshow,Video.

Website development through automation

Website is automated (programmed) to undertake almost all routine and manual tasks necessary to run a business.

Information can be stored, accessed and reported with appropriate security.

Materials or Reports can be delivered automatically by email.

Visitors can be analysed for better tracking and response.

The website acts as a virtual office to the website owner.
The website actually works for you.


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