Promotion through PPC Advertising

Promote your website through PPC (Pay per click) Advertising. The main benefit is that you pay only when you get clicks for your advertisements which means this a result oriented campaign.

You can control the advertising campaign, optimize it, adjust the cost of a click, keywords and location targeted, anytime during the campaign.

PPC Advertising is the best method because your advertisements are shown to prospects who actually search for your products, which results in attracting right prospects to your website.

These advertisements are used in very popular and effective media like the search engines Google,Bing and social media like Facebook.

Social media promotion

Consistent and long term promotion can be done using social media. You become more popular by your brand presence, information shared about business and the people interaction.

Social media promotion is more popular and effective because

* Most popular platform nowadays
* Exclusive Pages or Channels for a business
* Share information, photos and videos
* Conduct events
* Interact with prospects and customers easily
* 3rd party sharing increases popularity

Facebook is the most popular platform. A business must have its presence on Facebook.
Youtube is a video based platform but is almost a separate web entity of its own, where you can share your business details and events.
Instagram is another platform which runs parallel to facebook.
Linkedin is a network for professionals. So a business must have its presence on this media. You can have an effective presence and share information and events.

While these 4 media are the most popular, Spanray Software will identify other media that is relevant and helpful to your business.

Promotion through classifieds advertising

Classified Advertising is an old but still popular form of advertising. It is now available online.

By leveraging the popularity of various popular classified advertising websites, free (paid if needed) advertisements can be used to promote your products.

The campaign using classified advertising helps because

* interested people only search and view classifieds
* virtually no time limit or restriction

Search Engine based marketing

A search engine marketing strategy can be implemented on the website to attract and service prospects who visit through search engines.

Spanray Software is a specialist that helps in implementing a strategy to harness the power of the search engines and to handle the visitors who reach the website through them.

This strategy helps to

* use PPC advertising to attract right prospects
* rank the website on top positions for appropriate keywords using SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
* reward search engine visitors for their visits
* track and analyse search engine visitor behaviour to tune up the strategy

This strategy is a wholesome method which handles marketing exclusive to the prospects who visit you through your search engine related promotion.

This also requires exclusive design and programming of web pages so that these visitors can be handled separately.


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